SATA Hard Drive vs. SATA Solid State Drive vs. NVMe Solid State Drive

We ran an in-house speed test of these 3 drives in one of our new laptops. Here are the results:

What is a Traditional Hard Drive?

This is your slowest option but allows for the greatest amount of storage space. Hard drives can store up to 10TB on a single drive.  The price per gig is cheapest on a traditional drive. These drives have moving and spinning parts that are constantly in motion and producing heat. They also come in different speed like 7200RPM, 5400RPM, and slower.

What is a SATA Solid State Drive?

This is the most compatible option to move away from a traditional drive since it has the same SATA connector. Solid state drives have no moving parts! This allows for faster read and write speeds(up to 4x faster) and little to no heat production. Just about any computer can be upgraded to a faster SATA solid state drive. Many computers will take multiple drives so you can install a solid state as your main drive and a hard drive as a storage drive.

What is a NVMe Solid State Drive?

This is the fastest storage option available today. NVMe drives don’t run over the older SATA bus, they run on a PCIe bus. PCIe is used for high speed video cards and now for high speed solid state drives. Only the newest of computers will have the ability to run a NVMe drive. Most new computer can take an NVMe and a SATA drive. Because of the PCIe bus, NVMe drives can run up to 4x faster than a SATA solid state.


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