If your computer is running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1, then you may have already seen this pop up in your system tray(by your clock)…

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If you haven’t, then you probably will soon. This pop up is to preregister for the free Windows 10 upgrade. Once preregistered, you will be on Microsoft’s waiting list for the Windows 10 upgrade. They will start pushing the upgrade after July 29th. The upgrade will download all the files needed to run, and then notify you when they are ready to install. After that it will let you choose when you want to install the upgrade. Microsoft said the upgrade will take about an hour.

WARNING: If you run special software on your computer, you will want to check and make sure the software you use is compatible with the Windows 10 upgrade before you do it. Many users have older software that will not be compatible and if you run the upgrade your software may stop working. This may take you down until you buy a new version of that software that is compatible with Windows 10. For those customers, you may be best off skipping the upgrade for now.

For more information about this Windows 10 Free Upgrade check out Microsoft’s page devoted to it, here.

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