Most IT administrators should be aware that Windows Server 2003 will reach its end-of-life by July 2015. Since Windows Server 2003 has run for so long now and 64-bit/x64-systems are so common nowadays, I did not expect to have to deal with paged-pool and non-paged-pool issues again, but I was wrong.

There are still many customers, who run Windows Server 2003 in production today and many will continue to do so until end-of life of Windows Server 2003 or close to that date for various reasons. While this date is still two years away, current systems should at least be checked to insure things are running properly. In my example here-in, we’ll check that we don’t have 3rd-party applications depleting paged-pool or non-paged-pool memory since many of those servers are running as 32-bit (x86) installations.

Although Windows Server 2003 is running stably, some 3rd-party applications today consume large amounts of this paged-pool or non-paged-pool memory which is very limited on x86 systems, Problems start to arise when a x86-System has the /3GB switch set in boot.ini, in order to increase available memory for the application on that server which in fact decreases the amount of available paged-pool or non-paged-pool memory.

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